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How to join our Teamspeak

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Before you can play on our server there are a few steps you will need to follow.

We currently use Toko Voip for in-game audio. Toko VOIP is an advanced voice system for FIVEM. It allows for increased voice controls and configurations 

allowing for greater quality voice codec's. Including radios and other cool toys 🙂


   Please Install in the order specified below to avoid any unforeseen technical issues   

  Step 1 ) Install teamspeak 3.



 Step 2 ) Download and Install the TokoVoip Plugin.




 Step 3 ) Connect to our Teamspeak Server.

Teamspeak Address: ts.roguestaterp.com

When connecting to our teamspeak you MUST use your in-game character name as your teamspeak display name.

failure to do so will prevent you connecting to the server.


You maybe asked to increase the security level of your teamspeak, click yes and continue.

Once connected to the teamspeak ensure you are in the "TokoVOIP Server Waiting Room" channel. 



 Step 4 ) Connect to the game server. 

Game server address:

You will now be moved into the correct channel. if you have any issues please raise an issue with a support member.

Welcome to Rogue State 


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