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  1. @Moses Seinfield The video is set to privet can not watch it.

    Once I have seen it I can decide on if the warning that has been issued should be put on record for bans down the road. 

    A warning has been issued all ready just not classed as record one yet.

  2. Dear @Kay Usagi

    You have passed our background check and we would like to extend an invitation to interview for the position. 

    we appreciate the opportunity and look forward to meeting with you on the server in consultation room of EMS office. 

    If I can provide you with any further information prior to the interview please let me know.


    Again, thank you for contacting EMS

    Regards - Thomas Jervil - M.D

  3. Would need full video to make judgment as these are only small clips and why it lead up to him killing you what did u do or say be for hand.

    As Fata has stated I too don't see at any point where he referenced your previous character Name or role so I see no meta gaming or anything he simple looking at you player and making a comment on ur looks I.e I am Scottish and my guy looks it to people.

    And you provoked him by saying "Shut the fuck up" you are asking from him to kick off on you you did not need to respond.

    As for "situation to escalate" or looking for revenge from a previous character,

    you have not nor can you prove this is his intention. He simple is acting as he normal does A criminal low life looking for a reason to escalate the issues so he can kill take your stuff and  you could do the same to him. the issue is you gave him reason to when telling him to "Fuck off" Instead of stay clam and walking away.


    A warning will be issued but will not be put on record for bans. 


    Case Denied,  

    1, Lack of proof to show meta gaming or reason of trying to get revenge from a previous character,

    2, Video Clips do not show a full story only parts.

    3, Your own fault for giving a player the ammo need to take action.

    These points have been listed as to why your case is being denied, 

    I am closing this topic if you feel that you wish for the topic to be reopen to add more info or say something constructive PM myself and the case will be reopened.

    Case CLOSED.



    We have received your inquiry regarding employment at EMS and are in the process of reviewing your qualifications against our current requirements. Should your background and experience meet the requirements of one of our job openings, we will contact you to request an interview. If we do not have an appropriate opening at this time, we will retain your inquiry for six months for future consideration.

    Again, thank you for contacting EMS.

    Regards - Thomas Jervil - M.D 

  5. Server Name: [RP] RogueState | Custom Cars, Scripts, Events | Legal Jobs | Detailed Drug System | Whitelisted Gangs Server IP: Server Port: 30120 Server Uptime: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/XQzWgSN5B ======================================================= Please report Bugs: http://roguestaterp.com/bt/
    - Community Guide
    Welcome to our user guide below you will find a list of video’s accompanied by Text to give in-depth look at the way things work here in the community please click on the link below to jump to the part of the guide you need to find the information about. We try to keep this guide updated however things will change over time but the key functions. A Full Video Playlist Can Be Found Here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt_S1OzH-pZBY8zAW9YWyLhS2YiEbSHVT User Guide Key: Guide for: Discord = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724332441829400 Guide for: Register = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724387202400262 Guide for: Keys = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724446979621043 Guide for: Job Centre = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724573932814415 Guide for: illegal Activities / Crime = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724655680061450 Guide for: District Law Edition V.3 = https://discordapp.com/channels/462292950345318401/462293418517987328/566724750089519125
    Rogue State Useful Information Guide: Server Name: [UK/EU] RogueState | Serious RP | Whitelisted COP/EMS | Active Staff Server IP: Server Port: 3...
    - Guide for: Discord 
    Video: Link https://youtu.be/HChVZ2ju_Xc Discord: Here on discord you can find a select few channels with info about the in-game systems and app for roles:
    - Guide for: Register
    Video: https://youtu.be/PUnO4jpv9rM TEXT:
    - Guide for: Keys And Commands
    Video: https://youtu.be/igmpSGh_iOU TEXT:

  6. [17+ Or over is a requirement to be in EMS however there is a maturity test that you can take to get in https://mymentalage.com/results]

    - Application Template -
    Name: Both discord and in-game please
    How old are you? 
    I AM UNDER 17+ But here is a screen shot of my Test results = https://mymentalage.com/results

    How long have you been playing on RogueState?
    What timezone are you?
    What times do you plan on playing?
    Date Available to Start:
    How did you find out about this position?
    Have you ever worked for this organization?
    If so, Prior position(s) here:
    Reason(s) for leaving:

    Have you been arrested within the last 4 days?
    If so, what for?

    Below is a series of questions. Please answer to the best of your knowledge.

    • On a scale from 1-10 (10 Being the best); How would you rate yourself with role play experience?
      • Why do you choose that number to rate yourself?
    • What skills can you bring to the LSPD?
      • Why do think those skills are important to the LSPD?
    • On a scale from 1-10 (10 Being the best); How would you rate yourself with handling stressful situations?
      • Why do you choose that number to rate yourself?
    • Why should the LSPD consider you for employment?

    Before submitting the following information you hereby agree to full fill the role as a member of the team to the best of your ability failure to sign this will disqualify you for employment into the E.M.S.

    Online Digital Signature :

  7. Dear community, On behalf of the staff team, I would like to address some of the service concerns as well as our own concerns for the community. It has come to our attention that due to recent events of the past few weeks, we the staff team feel we have to address the OOC, IC, RP, and general players attitude to each other and these DM/PM as well as a few gameplay issues. First, I would like to welcome you to what I am now calling not a rule, it’s a guideline: “the actor roll” This will cover general players attitude and the use of discord DM / Pms. In recent events, the staff team wish to thank you, the players. We have learned a lot about how to handle very abusive and toxic players that wherein the community. We try to promote a safe and fun environment for you the player, to play in and enjoy. Of course from time to time we will most likely get a few bad apples who feel that they can do and say whatever they want, and yes while most of the world has freedom of speech and self-expression, there are limits on how far you can use this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the ability to self-expression through role play. However, if this opinion and self-expression become abusive and toxic towards the whole community and its players, the staff team have a duty of care to step in and remove these individuals from this community. If you are not following our guidelines and community goals, it is not acceptable for players to become abusive and take and In-game issue that you have with another person and take it out of the game and into DM/PM onto the discord. This is way out of line. If you have an issue with a player of the community you can handle this within the community-complaints not outside via DM/PM, or being abusive on the discord channels. You have the ability to use player reports or speak to the staff team directly, and in private.

    Role Play: We would like to remind the player to treat role play like you're an actor with a role in a story. It's your story but try to keep it realistic and stay in role. When playing your role onset, think that this is a movie, try not to go off script to much (OOC) We understand you want to play the part of the big bad boss or hero, but try to bring yourself back to reality and set up your role play in a realistic way. Treat the other actors the way you want to be treated in real life, and yes, be the bad guy everyone hates, but keep that within your role on the server. Remember, if you are continuously abusive, the other actors (players) may not wish to engage with you. In short, have a good balance. Those who play the role of the ‘arsehole’ in-game, could be a good friend out of game, do not carry the roles we play over to OOC, these are two separate things.

    I.C: So, you have chosen the IC role you going to play, remember stick to it, even when things don't go your way and you want to break iC - don't or people won't treat you the way you want. This is a roleplay server, an element that is based on real-life, care for the role you play, set it in a realistic way, something that you know how it works and understand. Do not go over the top with it if something goes wrong or does not go in your way. Remain IC, and if it’s really needed, use the correct facilities, players reports, speak to the staff team or try and keep the entire interaction in-game, i.e. service complaints for police, make use of the court system.

    O.O.C: So, you need help with something? This could be where you can find staff or players who can help you. Maybe you just want to know what people are to? Or you want to organize a scene, or event? You can do this either by using the discord channels, such as life invader (IC on discord) or you could use the OOC chat in-game, just try and keep in to a minimal. Of course, you could remain IC and use the functions such as /tweet or /ad to also arrange events. What is the OOC chat not for? Toxic behaviour, abusing other players and generally anything that is not relevant to the above. You have the channels on discord, as mentioned previously to make reports against players, or speak to staff members. You can request help using the OOC, either for administrators or other players, again though, try to keep this short, use the /report if needed.

    Gameplay and services development: We would like to thank you all for your time and effort that you have put into the community, it means a lot to the team. We understand people have an issue with our game systems when they are not working as intended by our team. We would like to remind people that, the service is in a constant design and development phase. From time to time the systems will break down, and while the team works hard to fix issues, we know it can break your enjoyment in playing here. We are currently working extremely hard to improve all current systems. You can track this progress via the discord. We are currently aiming to get the most important functions working correctly, i.e. the economy, which will allow us to complete ‘the wipe’ and get things rolling again. Of course, we shall always continue to improve, add and listen to the community for ideas and requests.
    In order to address the most common question, why are you doing this wipe?! We honestly did not expect to grow as we have, new players joined and whilst we had a ‘working server’ there was certain things that we could not predict, such as the insane economy, legal jobs becoming useless, due to the requirement of high-priced goods to match the average players bank account, etc. We aim to improve the game-play for all, make legal, illegal, interactions, the whole lot more enjoyable for the community. As stated and going forward, we always aim to listen to what the community wants, and we will focus once again on features requests. We hope that you continue to enjoy Rogue State with us and allow us to create one of the best gaming communities within FiveM going.

  8. Welcome to ideas-requests,

    Here we would love to get your feedback and ideas-requests on the server,

    please use one of the templates below and make a new topic try to keep the topic's civil remember the rules.

    We welcome all out member to debate and discuss them but if it get out of hand the staff will step in.

    No ones ideas are too small or stupid or too big to do and everyone is welcome to there opinion to ask the Development Team for stuff.

    The Development Team reserves the right for final say on all ideas if will will take them on or not.


    Please use this link http://roguestaterp.com/bt/my_view_page.php?refresh=true

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