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So you like to know  a little about Freaky Old man?

Okay First off lets start with the Real Name aka Thomas McDonald,

I am a professional, established Gamer, which has grown primarily on player recommendation. I am currently 30 years old and live in Liverpool. I've been gaming all my life and I love Zombie games / Movies I stream for fun and to chill out with other Zeds fans so if you too love the undead follow me. There is not much to me am your typical gamer I grown up In Liverpool but have family in Scotland, am Half English and have a massive love for anything undead or zombie related I also like to write my own fanfic based on Resident evil series.  



So you like to cosplay?

As I said I gaming as gamer but I also love going to Game Cons and dressing up as my fav Icons from the games My number one being Hunk from RE series, who is by far the best to cosplay as, for me one of the easy to do as i use the same kit for airsofting as well. I hope to do more cosplay events and more outfits as time goes on but as for now ill just stick to being umbrella trooper.


You said you play Airsoft?

I started Airsoft in June 2012 with a few friends and have since become an addict to the game I love the game more than playing Call of duty or Battlefield, you just don't get the same feeling from being on the field shoot at person behind a blown out truck then you do in computer games having to put all the effort into capturing a zone and keeping your teammates alive is fun and holding the gun in your hands makes it come down to who the faster you or the fella 5 meters away. I play at Bravo 2-2 every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, at their Formby site you can find me in some of there photos on there website at  http://www.bravo22airsoft.com/



First Enlisted On-line: 15 November 2000

Skype: falcos88

Xbox Live: ARG Falcos

Steam: Freaky Old Man

Second Life: Falcos Jervil








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