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  1. Twitch: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMgHafM2OllEE79OaYpnzTA
  2. - Category (A) Crimes Time: 15M / 60M Fines: $500,000 / Unlimited Crimes Include: Murder (AI/Player) Attempted Murder Terroristic Threat Armed Robbery Attempted Armed Robbery - Category (B) Crimes Time: 15M / 60M Fines: $10,000 / $500,000 Crimes Include: Manslaughter Vehicular Manslaughter Assault with Deadly Weapon Assault / Kidnap Possession of an illegal Firearm / Weapon (Covers licenses) / Weapon displayed within city limits Distribution of illegal Weapons / Drugs Manufacturing of Narcotics / Distribution Aggravated Vehicle Theft / Robbery Escaping Custody / Failure to Appear Restricting / Interfering Duties Impersonating government official / representative Driving Whilst under Influence by drugs or alcohol Criminal Damage Vehicle Theft Burglary Impersonating Police/EMS (Standard Fine $100,000/Unlimited) Theft of Police/EMS Vehicle (Standard Fine $100,000/Unlimited) - Category (C) Crimes Time: 10M / 30M Fines: $5,000 / $100,000 Crimes Include: Drunk and disorderly Breach of the peace Threats Trespassing Failure to present ID / license (Operating any MPV) Driving on suspended license / without Possession of illegal substances Failure to Stop Speeding (45MPH City & Towns / 90MPH Highways) Roadworthy Vehicle / Roadside Failure
  3. 1) This is a role play server. If you do not wish to role play there are plenty of other servers for you to join. When in-game we do not expect you to just drop character. If you need to discuss anything Out of Character you may use the discord. 2) You must have a working microphone. If you are caught without one you will be warned to fix it. If you fail to do this you will be kicked from the server. If you re-join the server and your microphone is still not functioning then you will be banned. We welcome those that need assistance with this setup to ask our moderators for guidance. 3) No form of trolling is welcome here at all. This rule includes Random Death Match, i.e. killing another player for no reason whatsoever, or for any unrealistic reason. This includes using any weapons or vehicles. 4) Meta-gaming is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes communication with other players when you are informed that all devices have been removed. An example would be that you have been arrested, the officers informs you that they have removed your phone and any communication devices; however you still communicate with other players to inform them of location and what is happening. 5) Combat logging is not permitted under any circumstances. This will not be tolerated. 6) You may not log off whilst interacting with LSPD/EMT’s unless giving notice and reason. 7) Spamming in-game chat will not be tolerated. You will be kicked for first offence. 8 ) NPC Farming / Unnecessary killing. You are not permitted to go on any rampage against NPC. 9) Impersonation of Emergency Services: You may steal Emergency Services vehicles at this time. However, it will not be tolerated to use / abuse the clothing of any Emergency Services uniforms. This will result in an immediate ban. 10) New Life Rules as follows: If you are injured (die in game) you must take time to heal prior to considering any action. You are not permitted to be revived and at full-strength. This includes attacking both players and Emergency Services upon revive. You will be immediately banned. 11) Any theft of military vehicles; including helicopters will result in an immediate banned. 12) Entering the military base will not be tolerated. You will be immediately banned. 13) Default characters. We will not tolerate default characters (bald starting character) you will be warned to alter this appearance. If you fail to do so, you will be immediately banned. You should take the time to invest in your characters appearance. If you do not, this would an indication of your intentions on our server and the fact you are not interested in role playing here. This includes creating a realistic name / surname. 14) Be respectful. This is a community that wishes to enjoy themselves. We want a server that creates a positive atmosphere for all of those that want to be here. 15) Exploiting any glitch or bug is strictly prohibited. You will be immediately banned. 16) If you are found to be attacking / Random Death Matching any players at the start zone then you will be immediately banned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In serious breaches of the rules above, in which we feel a player has intentionally caused disruption on our server, the players name and login details will be shared with partner FiveM servers. This will include the reason for the ban. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to complain / report a player. Please use the correct channel on discord under ‘Player Reports’ and include login name and in-game name if possible. If you wish to make this complaint / report in private, then please contact one of our moderators. If you feel that you have been wrongly banned then please contact one of our moderators.
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