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  1. So I don't know how much is required to do this, but kind of like CL, have homes beyond the apartments be owned by a single person, and allow the cops to have an item, like the big red key, to search with a warrant. It could be also used for the raiding of the drug and gunsmithing spots. ======== Idea: Single player owned homes across the city and country and the addition of an item that allows cops to break down the door and search the residence with a warrant Steps to implement (my thoughts): Create entities for houses that follow the same interior template as one of the existing and restrict it to be owned by only one player a time. Allow them to sell if they so chose. What can this bring?: RP element for the cops to file for a warrant, when and if a court house system is implemented. This will also allow civs to find out through RP means if their house is subject to search, so they can prepare to defend or move their items to a different location.
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